- Resampler list, with DL
- Wavtool list, with DL
- UTAU plugin translations
- Reclists
- Project files (ust, vsqx, svp)
- UTAU wiki 2.0 pages

Misc. Tutorials / Resources

- Reworked UTAU English UI
- NNSVS corpus song list base spreadsheet
- NNSVS phone2hira for iroiro2
- VOCALOID PITHelper plugin reupload & usage example
- How to use multi-resampler
- character.yaml for Ami Koharune CVVC Buffet Lunch

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Reworked UTAU English UI (Beta)

UTAU English UI completely reworked with missing sections translated as well.
Lot of different screen wording and errors have been corrected - as well as adding missing translations for missing UI elements.
Unfortunately elements like some "キャンセル" buttons are uneditable.
Not all edited elements and sections are pictured below, make sure to fully explore it!
If you find any mistakes or errors please send them to me via socials, email or even on this website's guestbook in the homepage!

Installation guide

Extract the "fx" folder inside UTAU > res, then in UTAU Options menu, go to Force interface language in the Others tab and type in "fx" without quotes, press OK and restart UTAU.
It should appear straight away!
If you ever want to rever back, you can select "en" from the dropdown menu in Force interface language.



- 8 mora CVVC JP Ultimate+
- Arpasing Lyric (release 2022)
- Delta English ~alveolar tap remix~ (release 2022?)

Project files

- Now and Forever (from DOA4) ust
- baby maybe Koi no Button ust + svp

Resampler list

For any issues, corrections, additions, death threats and love letters, you can find my contacts on the homepage, or use the guestbook!


(on UTAForum, by susrever)

resampler14 latestAmeyalink "v0.4.18eインストーラ"
resampler1010Ameyalink "v0.2.76 zipアーカイブ"
resampler8, 7, 58, 7, 5Ameyalinks ",,"
resampler1~4, 61~4, 6Ameyadiscontinued, only available publicly for a limited time on old UTAU versions
fresamp14014 latestAmeya 
fresamp14omp014 latestAmeyaported to OpenMP, multithreaded ver.
fresamp01~10, 12~1301~10, 12~13Ameyadiscontinued, only available publicly for a limited time
world4utau0.0.1 latestAmeyaneeds fftw files, source code included
phaavoco001 latestAmeyasource code included
phavoco010 latestAmeya 
model40.2αAmeyaprivate as it's only distributed on UTAUSNS
doppeltler004~009 latestAmeya001~003 discontinued, only available publicly for a limited time
f2resamp001, 002, 003, 004 latestAmeyaupdate of fresamp, with 64bit version
tn_fnds001~009 latestZteeredit number on the URL for previous versions, source code included
bkh01055 latestZteer 
EFB-GT2012/07/21 latestCustom.Maidsource code included
EFB-BP2012/07/21 latestCustom.Maidsource code included
WARP2013/01/10 latestCustom.Maidsource code included
VS4U1.41 latestAckieSound"VocalShifter 4 UTAU", source code included
moresampler0.3.1~0.8.4 latestKanru Huaresampler based on libllsm
young3? latestZanysource code included
w4u Zany ver.? latestZanyadditional info, source code included
wn4u? latestZanyadditional info, source code included
EFB-BS? latestZanysource code included
EFB-BH? latestZanysource code included
tn_fndsX? latestZanyadditional info, source code included
tn_fnds_PB? latestZanyadditional info, source code included
resampler patcher1.4 latestnmasaomakes resamplers render faster and lets you use multiple on the same UST, make sure to read my tutorial for usage!
utaugrowl100 latest_toriflypatches resamplers with growl capabilities and flags
presamp0.70~0.8996 latestDeltanot a resampler, but a "preresampler", auto converts UST between formats like CVVC etc.
PyRwu20220508 latestDelta"Py Resampler by world for UTAU"
RUCE1.1.0-alpha3 latestKanru Hua"Rocaloid UTAU Compatible Engine"
lessampleralpha 0.1.3 latestYuzukiTsuruunstable, WORLD engine
UDB (UTAU DEBUG ENGINE) latestYuzukiTsuruuses VocalShifter library as engine
multisampler20201213 latestSineStrikeruse multiple resamplers on the same UST, documentation included
macres0.2.1 latesttitinkofor Windows, Linux and Mac, source code included
worldline? latestStAkiradistributed with OpenUTAU
NeoWorld0.1 latestLovelyA72WIP, source code included
SpaceWorld1.0.2 latestLovelyA72source code included

Wavtool list

For any issues, corrections, additions, death threats and love letters, you can find my contacts on the homepage, or use the guestbook!

wavtool? latestAmeyalink "v0.4.18eインストーラ"
wavtool64? latestAmeyaported to 64bit
wavtool220120522 latestnmasaoto be used with own plugin, envedit2, for DYN-like editing
wavtool4vcv1116, 1117, 20141202 latestnmasaooptimized for VCV voicebanks
wavtoolex? latestDeltaincluded with presamp
moresampler0.3.1~0.8.4 latestKanru Huacan work as a wavtool with other resamplers, but support is spotty
convergence? latestStAkiradistributed with OpenUTAU
simple? latestStAkiradistributed with OpenUTAU
wavtool-pl? latestpaulliufor Linux
wavtool-yawu? latestm13253"Yet Another Wavtool for UTAU", must build from source
PyWavTool20220305 latestDelta pages

- Yukio Acqua (my own UTAU)
- Dong Fang Zhi Zi
- Ami Koharune
- Takeru Saon
- piggy

UTAU plugin translations

All translation and plugin resource editing was made by me.
All the plugins here require your region set to Japan (region, not locale!) to display hiragana lyrics properly!
All tooltips text was also translated!
Frequency Tracer has some untranslated tooltip text that is inaccessible.


- Updated the terms of use for 8 mora JP CVVC Ultimate+!
- Thoroughly updated the whole website. Now it has actual buttons...


- Added various wavtools in the wavtool list!


- Added lessampler and UDB in the resampler list!


- Added NNSVS corpus song list base spreadsheet!


- Added Ko-fi button if you want to support me!


- Added presamp to resampler list and wavtoolex to wavtool list


- Added brand new wavtool list and updated resampler list!


- Added guestbook and visit counter on the homepage!
- Made the resampler list a table, now it should be easier to navigate, also added utaugrowl and resampler patcher!


- Changed URL to!
- Changed some things on the website, including spelling mistakes 💥


- Updated resampler list, and general website improvements


- Changed some things including that ugly ass gradient background with a sparkly violet sky. Enjoy!
- 8 mora Japanese CVVC reclist Ultimate+ updated! Added missing aliases, new edge/fry list, and added example wave files + new banner image (graphic design is my passion)! 💥
- Now and Forever ust updated! Added version with ENUNU english phonemes!


- Updated EFB-PB information and added download link in Resampler list downloads
- Updated the sites overall look and design


- Updated Ami Koharune page, fixed links, added more info and general housekeeping


- Updated NNSVS phone2hira with fixed replace lists and more variations
- Updated piggy page


- Updated SpaceWorld information in Resampler list downloads


- Added official MEGA download link for Dong Fang Zhi Zi Era voicebank on


- Added update blog, first entry! (you're reading it rn!)
- New project files: SWEET HURT ust and baby maybe Koi no Button ust + svp!
- New resource: NNSVS Phone2Hira for iroiro2!